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Death Becomes You

D.M. Langdon


Know this…. never before has mankind been more wanting of faith to salve its sorrow - faith in the greater good, faith for an end to suffering, faith in a better tomorrow. For when the sun goes down and humanity bleats its last, the legacy of light will sustain you. The purpose of your existence will come home to roost in the never-ending tomorrows of your soul.

Cherish this truth it will make you whole.


About the Author

This is D.M. Langdon’s third book of channelled wisdom from Spirit. Here is an example of the beautiful wisdom contained in this book, which more than speaks for itself.…..

Death is a respite, a retreat from all that is wearying and sorrowful. It is a chance to heal, a sojourn of surrender, an intermission from the part you chose to play. Remember this…. in the theatre of your redemption there are many Acts to play, many lines to deliver and many lessons to learn.  A life to live is not to waste. Stand tall and know no sorrow. Let the tears dry and the lessons resonate. Move on, nourish your soul with wisdom clear and true. Understand that lessons are to guide you, to steer you onwards, ever upwards to the glory of your soul.

Do not be a bystander to your life, take the lead, follow your heart and let no person diminish you. For you are a child of God, loved by the Universe and surrounded by Spirit Guides and loved ones in Spirit. You are never alone. You never sit in quiet contemplation alone; they are with you always. Serenity and peace loom large on the horizon. Go forwards in love, they will not forsake you. The passing into Spirit is but a riding of a wave, a wave of energy so gentle yet so strong. You will feel it lapping as a gentle water rising, come to take you home - all light and love and harmony - an energetic wave of light and ecstasy. 

God speed and God bless, for you will find your true peace.

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Death Becomes You by Diane Di Lallo
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