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A Treatise on the Soul

D. M. Langdon


The purpose of the wisdom provided in this book is to help ease the pain and suffering of everyday life, so that your short journey on Earth is happy, harmonious and spiritually productive.  A Treatise on the Soul touches on such topics as reincarnation, karma and materialism, to name but a few.  On reading this book, you will discover the secret to happiness, and all the sorrow, pain and angst of the human condition will pale into insignificance once you understand its purpose. 

This book is full of such beautiful writing, for example, on the soul lessons to be had from the horrors of war, for the purpose of growth of the soul:
Hallowed is the ground of victory upon which the masses lay. The innocents who shed their lives, such shortened terms on Planet Earth, a sacrifice well made. For they can rest assured their task was done, they achieved the lot, and their lives were not in vain. They came to Earth with one purpose to impart upon their soul; a martyr's death, a collective sigh, where all must weep for the wasteful stench of life.
On greed: In ignorant bliss of the days that are numbered we go forth dragging the entrails of our materialistic life behind us.

This is a book that requires reading again and again, as with each turn of the page you will become aware of previously hidden truths that jump out at you, ready to settle anew on your heart and soul.  The knowledge will resonate deeply, and you will find that a calmness and serenity of 'knowing' will envelop you.  The journey through life will be less rocky, and all obstacles on your path will be easier to navigate. 

This book is not to be missed.  It will change your life.


About the Author

D.M Langdon is a clairvoyant and clairaudient Spiritualist Medium, who lives in Melbourne, Australia.
The wisdom provided in 'A Treatise on the Soul' is channelled wisdom received from a higher spiritual source. 

D.M Langdon insists that she is not the author of this book, merely the scribe.  This will become immediately evident to you, the reader, as you digest the majestic beauty of the words and realise the profound, yet simple, wisdom imparted through these pages.  You will gain such comfort as you learn the truth of the purpose of your life on Earth and the long and arduous journey of the soul.


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A Treatise on the Soul by D. M. Langdon
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